About Us



By adopting our Project Value Index (PVI) approach to technology development, Guertin continues to be an Industry innovator. As a result we’ve attracted some of the industry’s brightest and most talented chemists. Their hard work enables us – with a proven solutions-driven approach – to develop and introduce many new breakthrough chemistries.

Recent product innovations include:

  • A full array of patented High Solids products to reduce VOC and HAPS emissions in ISO free and standard Urethane liquid technologies
  • New low energy cure powder coatings designed to reduce operating costs and increase throughput
  • Development of our next generation ultra-high solids ISO-free polymer systems
  • Continuous upgrading of existing formulas by working with customers to solve their situation-specific requirements. If our current product lines don’t meet your exact requirements, chances are Guertin is hard at work inventing a formula that will.


Guertin’s guiding principles are built on these foundations:

1. Strict environmental standards;

Guertin is committed to developing and commercializing state-of-the art coating chemistries that comply with the newest environmental regulations. Through investment in R&D, manufacturing technology, process improvement and through the creativity of our chemists, Guertin balances the needs of our customers with an unwavering commitment to meeting today’s environmental concerns.

2. Highest quality guidelines through strict ISO9001-2000 standards;

Being ISO certified demonstrates to our customers that Guertin conforms to the highest standards of quality assurance. Lean manufacturing, leadership, strategic planning, human resources development and management, customer and market focus, process management and information analysis are the areas of quality management that guide us. These initiatives have led to major improvements in our ability to deliver the right products and technology to satisfy our customer’s ever evolving needs.


Through our many progressive initiatives - including human resources, logistics, operations, and business management - Guertin delivers high performance products. Whether it’s harder or tougher finishes, application efficiency, reduced cycle times, low environmental impact, or simply brilliance of finish, Guertin’s product line delivers. We’re constantly striving to improve, searching out new chemistry to solve whatever challenges our customers present to us.