About Us


Our Proud Heritage

In 1947 Norbert and Antoine Guertin founded Guertin Bros. which at the time distributed a single brand of paint out of the family garage. The company soon earned a reputation for personalized service, and a loyal and growing client base developed built on an appreciation for the company's knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile. As demand grew the brothers realized that available coatings didn't always fulfill their customer's specific needs. As a result, the company evolved from pure distribution to include manufactur- ing. The business flourished and their market-driven focus paid off as the company branched off into other industrial sectors.

In 1976, almost 30 years after co-founding Guertin Bros., Norbert Guertin retired. On this occasion the company's management reassessed their market position and examined both the needs of their customers and the trends that would drive their industry over the next few decades. As a result, it was decided to phase out all architectural, trade sales and automotive refinishing products to focus on the industrial coat- ings and sealants markets. Soon an expanded product line was painstakingly developed, including high solid coatings, sealants and caulking materials intended for the agricultural, electrical, transportation and construction sectors. Guertin Bros. had responded to the needs of the marketplace and the next twenty years would see the company grow and thrive beyond the expectations of its founders.

The following years saw further evolution including a name change to Guertin Coatings, Sealants and Polymers Ltd. to more accurately reflect the company's expanding product lines. With two of Antoine's sons managing today's operations, the company carries on the proud heritage and traditions that were established by Norbert and Antoine over 60 years ago.

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As of February 29th 2008, Guertin Coatings was purchased by Cloverdale Paint Inc. of Vancouver Canada. This strategic acquisition by Cloverdale creates the largest privately held paint company in Canada, as of this writing.

The newly expanded product offerings and distribution capabilities now positions the company as a leader in the industrial, maintenance and specialty coatings market segments.

Looking Forward

Our mandate is for continued investment in our people, products and processes. Our proprietary resin technologies will further enhance the leadership position we have built in the field.

We would welcome an invitation to helping find further efficiencies and enhancements to your finishing needs. Let us put our resources and expertise to work for you.