Labs (Research & Development)


Analytical Lab

All incoming raw materials are tested (finger printing) to quality standards per ISO 9001:2000. Qualitative analysis of experimental work is done using gas chromatography, infrared spectrophotometry, gel permeation chromatography, liquid and dry particle size analysis, wet analysis, etc.

Coatings Labs (Liquid & Powder Labs)

Computerized modeling is used to optimize formulations. All samples are made on Pilot Lab equipment used to simulate production conditions and minimize scale up problems.

Liquid Tests performed to ASTM methods: viscosity, sag, hiding, specific gravity, moisture content, conductivity, etc.

Dry test performed to ASTM methods: hiding, flexibility, impact, humidity, salt spray, ultraviolet, chemical resistance, hardness, abrasion, etc.

Sealants & Elastomers Lab

Sealants and extruded tapes, caulking compounds and adhesives are developed for use in recreational

vehicles, buses, rolling stock, window manufacturing, and the general construction industry.

Application Labs

Application properties and cure requirements for powder and liquid coatings are tested through various types of application and curing equipment. This enables the chemist to simulate actual operating conditions typically encountered at the customer’s facility.

Quality Control Lab

Conformance to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality program. This involves analysis of incoming raw materials, in process and finished products testing.